Have you had a great experience with the Deuter Kid Comfort Pro or do you have another kid carrier that you’d like to tell us about? yes Deuter offers four carrier models to meet a range of uses and budgets. Most people who travel aren’t put in a situation where they need to carry around their travel partners. You can read more about the Deuter Kid Comfort Pro in our guide to the best toddler backpack carrier. I may not have my own kid yet but I’ve seen outdoorsy parents struggle sometimes when kids are included during climbs and travels. The Kid Comfort 3 is has the most features and an integrated rain cover. The face pad is thick and good for napping. Discover What Makes Bonnechere Caves A Must See Ontario Attraction, Surviving the Cusco to Puno Bus in Peru with Kids. BabyGearLab is reader-supported. Thes packs are usually designed for longer-term carrying. This pack includes a canopy to block the sun and light rain or snow. The Pro has useful stirrups to prevent dangling legs, but if little ones put too much pressure on them they can extend on their own making them sort of useless. The top-of-the-line Kid Comfort Pro incorporates all the features of Kid Comfort with the addition of an integrated day pack and a pronounced, extra-tall, high-back padded cockpit for kids. Upon our return to Canada, we went shopping and tried a few different models including the MEC Happytrails and the Osprey Poco Plus. The strap loop, lever, and adjustment settings are red, a contrast color against the blue backpack, which helps make them more visible. Fast delivery, and 24/7/365 real-person service with a smile. Founded in 1898, Deuter empowers you to experience the freedom of the mountains. I believe in the coming days, Deuter will be able to keep track with the AFI [areas for improvement] on these carriers. The Pro has a single carry handle (above left) on the back of the pack in front of the face pad. © 2019 Wandering Wagars - Adventure Family Travel. This becomes even more noticeable as your child gets bigger and heavier. The amazing headrest on the Deuter Kid Comfort Pro 3 can be a God-send on long trails. Both feature an aluminum frame and a cockpit into which you can put your child. Why we think the best baby carrier for hiking is the Deuter Kid Comfort III, What we liked best about the Deuter Kid Comfort III, Where the Deuter Kid Comfort III Kid Carrier can improve, Find out the latest prices for the Deuter Kid Comfort Pro here, Compatible with a hydration system (not included), High back for excellent support and protection for the child, Relatively thin compression for easier storage, It comes with an adorable teddy bear (that will be doubtlessly lost on your first adventure so prepare for tears in advance). The Kid Comfort offers the most options for passengers: the … Super-Polytex, nylon ripstop Wish I knew of it earlier. All trademarks property of their respective owners However, it is a high-quality pack with features parents will love. It is also removable for easy cleaning. While it doesn't earn top honors in this metric, it is still comfortable compared to much of the competition. However, once you get outside of a modern city, those light and convenient travel strollers simply become a bulky awkward dead weight. The back padding is better than average and it has some breathable mesh to help with the airflow. 8 Reasons Why You Should Travel With Kids. The Pro includes stirrups for passengers and while useful, these are easily extended when little ones place pressure on the foot pads. Outdoor adventures are better with a baby on your back. This product is no longer available, but don't go just yet. At 6’2 and 215 lbs, I’m a fairly big guy and the Deuter was an excellent fit, but other body shapes might have a different experience. Click or call 800-927-7671. Imported. Rain Hood Kid Comfort Pro The pro child carrier comes with an integrated, separately useable daypack, a fixed sun roof and a mirror for a quick rear-view of the child on the back. The Kid Comfort Pro is for parents looking for the maximum amount of storage capacities with their child carrier. KC Raincover Deluxe . Merrell Men's Moab 2 GORE-TEX Shoes. Our kids never had any issues sleeping in this backpack baby carrier. The waistband is padded and somewhat structured to support the weight of the passenger and pack. Deuter Kid Comfort Pro Child Carrier. The Kid Comfort Air features the greatest breathability. Between the storage pockets on the hip belt and the multiple packs and storage areas on the side and back, this pack is not lacking in places to put snacks, camera gear and more. All kid carriers are generally pretty bulky. The Deuter Pro is relatively easy to use compared to the competition despite its lower score as none of the options are easy to use. Veriflex While similar in structure and special features, there are a few notable differences we’d like to discuss. When I got a better view I realized it’s a baby carrier. The MEC and Osprey packs were similarly priced, however, once we spent time carrying C around in the Deuter it became clear that the Deuter was the more comfortable place to be. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON. The Kid Comfort offers the most rest options for passengers: the large, soft pillow gently braces a tired child‘s head even in the corners of the pack so that naps can occur anywhere outdoors. FOX 40 . The pro child carrier comes with an integrated, separately useable daypack for quick runs to the changing room. Reviewed in the United States on July 9, 2019. 4.8 out of 5 stars 34. The Deuter Pro has a significant amount of storage that rivals much of the competition. The adjustment points for the torso are located behind the mesh and can be challenging to get to with both hands. However, it would be nice if there was a way to compress them a bit more for travel purposes. It is comfortable for me and my kids; my youngest son falls asleep in this so easy, I have put him in it when he doesn't sleep at home. However, the positioning of the front buckles is a bit low and hard to reach when trying to get a wriggling child into the carrier. Traveling with kids is a real challenge and especially when you have to walk a lot, especially in cities like Rome or in case you are in the mountains. Deuter Child carrier Kid Comfort Pro. Varifit harness, aluminum frame After much search, debate, and research we found the best solution to our travel dilemma was a quality kid carrier, and the best one we found was the Deuter Kid Comfort III Kid Carrier. See All Buying Options. Shop Deuter Kid Comfort Pro Child Carrier | 4.7 Star Rating on 3 Reviews for Deuter Kid Comfort Pro Child Carrier + Free Shipping over $49. The Pro waistband tightens to keep the pack above the hips bones and the Vari-flex feature allows for natural movement of the pack when you walk. Storage Capacity Deuter Kid Comfort Active and Kid Comfort Active SL (Women's Fit) - Child Carrier Backpacks Cool carrier. Light and compact, umbrella strollers are great for nap time and they make getting around most towns a fairly painless process. by Deuter. This pack is comfy for passengers and most wearers with unique features for customization and an ergonomic fit. 1 hydration compartment, 1 zippered cargo, 2 front, 2 mesh It’s genius! Add to Wish List. They are flexible, pliable, and they adjust smoothly without a problem. This is really a great insight on the baby carrier by Deuter. How can we improve BabyGearLab? By 1905, they were making tents and saddlebags for the army. Stability and load management are provides by the flexible and tensioned Delrin® … Kid Carriers are also generally used for children who are around 4-6 months and up. The Pro is very comfortable for the wearer with multiple features designed to make wearing and moving with a heavy pack more comfortable and ergonomic. The majority of the storage on the Pro requires help from another party to access when you are wearing the pack. Hydration Compatible The child seat moves up and down and can be done with your child in the seat with relative ease. Deuter has had a USA location since 2010. The first time I’ve seen one of these is when I went to Cambodia. We’re in need of something like that for my 4-year old and he’s well within the recommended weight limit. They fit everyone slightly differently. The waistband is also easy to adjust with forward-pull straps and micro-adjustments that change how well the Vari-flex system works. Our Editors independently research, test, and rate the best products. Required fields are marked *. FREE SHIPPING on Over 250,000 Products. Deuter Kid Comfort Pro - Midnight. 5.0 out of 5 stars Great! Founded in 1898, Deuter empowers you to experience the freedom of the mountains. When you click on links to buy products we may earn money to support, Vari-flex waistband, day pack, comfy for baby. Free shipping BOTH ways on deuter kid comfort 3 from our vast selection of styles. All positive reviews › Rachel. Krosna je skvělou volbou, pokud se vydáváte do přírody, vy si uvolníte ruce, zlepšíte si kondici a dítě je šťastné, že se může nést. That’s something we struggle with with our Kelty, even when the internal harness is really secure on the little one (long arms, you know?). After our first trip to Portugal when C was 4 months old we learned a few lessons. Q. the Deuter company was launched in 1898 by Hans Deuter. Offering excellent ventilation, high back child seating, integrated sun protection and a detachable daypack, this carrier really suits parents with outdoor goals. A kid carrier, also known as a baby carrier or child carrier is essentially a large backpack that a child can sit in. Learn: About Us Policies Reviews Blog How To. Your email address will not be published. ; The Kid Comfort Air retails for $239. KC Sun Roof . And I thought it was a backpack then I saw something moving inside. Enclosing little ones in the cockpit is a quick process that keeps them feeling secure without inhibiting movement. You guys have really traveled all over the place with that carrier! The open sides also make it easy for kids to see what’s happening outside the toddler backpack carrier. The shoulder straps and load lifters are easy to use and can be adjusted on the fly. It is best to make adjustments before putting the pack on. Claimed Weight I definitely agree that when you are traveling, the comfort of the kid and the parent must be considered too. Recommended Use The Deuter Pro has multiple pockets on the back of the pack. The optional hydration pack means never having to ask for a drink. The hip and shoulder setup on this pack is simply the best combination I have ever felt in a pack in terms of comfort and flexibility. Find more info in our disclaimer. The Kid Comfort is the perfect balance between lightweight carrying and storage options. The compartment has an elasticated strap that cinches and a plastic hook/loop at the top. When you are traveling with kids, however, this situation comes up fairly often. Deuter Kid Comfort 3 Child Carrier. The belt pockets curve when the waist strap is tightened, which makes it hard to get larger items in. The Deuter Kid Comfort 1 is the base model for this series of child carriers. About the Deuter Kid Comfort 3 (also called the Deuter Kid Comfort iii) The Deuter Kid Comfort 3 is the perfect kid carrier for active families with toddlers. Find the latest price for the Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One Air here. Osprey offers two excellent child carrier packs, which mainly differ by size (volume for equipment) and thus price: the… Which Kid Comfort (KC) carrier is right for me? Kevin Wagar is a professional traveler and family travel expert living in the Greater Toronto Area. This pack is one of the most expensive in the group and the cost may be more than some parents want to spend. Thanks for sharing your experience. It carried our children up mountains. 1098 cu in Yes – Integrated The 5-point harness has a center chest clip that keeps the straps from falling to the side and makes it more comfortable for your child. 1) The cockpit on the Deuter appears to be more comfortable with higher quality strap, back, and seat padding. Deuter Kid Comfort Pro. We will be hiking in Iceland ourselves in a few months so we just may have to follow your lead! Truth be told, they are very similar in design. His beautiful wife Christina impressed on him her love of travel and they have made exploring the world an integral part of their life. The Deuter Kid Comfort III is incredibly comfortable and easy to wear, but in hot weather, the lack of a mesh back will leave your back and shoulders in a sweaty state. The child is afforded great comfort: the large, soft pillow gently braces the tired child’s head, even in the corners, and supports a relaxing nap. Our youngest son loved “playing with faces” when he got piggybacks. FOX 30 . In the Deuter Kid Comfort III, all those awesome toys were out of his reach. The detachable daypack stows (above left) inside the main compartment and is a handy way to keep diaper changing supplies on hand. You'll need to buy your own bladder, but it is nice that the pocket exists. The Kid Comfort Pro is made with Deuter’s specially formulated AirComfort Sensic Vario mesh backsystem. How are ratings calculated? The pack offers two load lifters for a more custom fit. This pack has two waistband pockets (one on each side). Riders will find a large, soft pillow ready for anytime-naps, and parents will enjoy the additional padding and room for snacks, toys, and first aid items. The daypack is simple with one pocket inside; it can be used by an adult or child. You can safely use it beginning when your child is old enough to sit up on his or her own, although a 6-month-old might look a little small in it. The pockets require some effort and time to fit an oversized iPhone (above right) into the belt pocket when the waist strap is cinched tight. Let us know in the comments what you use with your children! *You help support BabyGearLab's product testing and reviews by purchasing from our retail partners. And there is no guarantee that the comfort I felt will be the same for you. Climber . Pockets Our Deuter Kid Comfort III Kid Carrier It has been a place for the kids to sleep, find shelter from rain and snow, use as a lookout or just a place to just chill. Hit the trails like a pro with the Deuter® Kid Comfort Pro child carrier. Color: Midnight 1 Change. If you are hitting the trails with young kids, you have to have the Deuter Kid Comfort. With a variety of pockets and a separate day pack, the Pro has space for almost everything. The pack also has a medium-sized pocket on the back. Torso adjustment takes both hands (one to lift release lever and another to pull loop) and could be difficult if you have large hands as they need to fit behind the mesh where that isn't a lot of room. JUNIOR . 7 lb 11 oz And it held our children on glaciers in Iceland. Copyright © 2020 BabyGearLab LLC Support/Suspension Deuter Kid Comfort Pro - Child Carrier Backpack. This comparison of the Deuter Kid Comfort 3 vs Osprey Poco Plus was written because there are so many customers who are wondering which of these two products is the best. Which is a fantastic carrier for infants, but once they pass about 6 months they begin to burst at the seams of these infant carriers. The Kid Comfort 2 has a more padded back panel and greater adjustability. The toy attachment loops on the Osprey Poco AG Plus are great at combating boredom. Got feedback? With the birth of their two boys, Kevin and Christina have made it their mission to show others that traveling with children isn't as scary as it sounds and that kids can benefit from experiencing the world outside of their front door and beyond. And a cool, breathable pillow for warmer weather. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Strollers don’t work well in cities that are almost entirely cobblestone hills. There is also a dedicated pocket for canopy storage on the back near the cockpit (above right). The waist feels secure, supportive, and somewhat contoured. The cockpit provides a cozy, close, secure feel with firm seat, padded harness, and angled soft headrest with … For children younger than this, we recommend baby slings or the Baby Bjorn Air. The face pad on the Pro is comfortable for napping with a soft fabric and a slight angle to support little heads. Let us know! These gear would definitely make a lot of difference. MSRP is $330. Child comfort is where the Pro really shines with its highest score in any metric. Whether you are exploring cities, hiking through Roman ruins or trekking the mountains, having something to hold your children when they get tired can mean all the difference for parents. The cockpit on the Pro is roomy but with sides that pull in, it feels secure and keeps little ones in place. Manufacturer Warranty Not only is it comfortable for both the child and the wearer, but it also includes safety and convenience features we prefer. This pack has padded shoulder straps similar to other Deuter packs. My kid has now grown out of it. Manufacturer-Recommended Child Weight Limit And the Piggyback Rider, which is a stand-up backpack carrier for older children. I went to REI to try out the Osprey Poco and the Deuter Kid Comfort child carriers and decided on the Deuter for 3 reasons. Find the latest price for the Osprey Poco AG Plus Child Carrier here. The backsystem is made with mesh and designed with a space between the child’s seat and the parents’ back, allowing for … As with the Kid Comfort, the backsystem airflow keeps both the hiker and passenger cool while the adjustable seat and footrest added to the hiking experience for your child. The way the hip belt moves with you is incredible and no matter the situation the pack never felt uncomfortable or caused any shoulder or hip discomfort. The high seating position makes it easy for kids to peer over their parent’s heads to see the scenery. 48.5 lb Ideal for transporting children 1-3 years old. You can read about our the list of the best toddler backpack carriers here. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. These pockets are accessible by the passenger. The main storage compartment is large and deep enough for all your essentials. Treat both your child and your shoulders to comfort on travels or the trail with a deluxe Aircontact Pro back system, integrated sunroof and adjustable fit of the Deuter Kid Comfort 3 child carrier. Bring your littlest hiking buddy along to take in the views or nap in the fresh air with the ventilated Deuter Kid Comfort Pro child carrier, a feature-rich pack made for family trail adventures. 00 Deuter Kid Comfort Pro - Child Carrier Backpack, Midnight 4.6 out of 5 stars 63 4.1 out of 5 stars 19. It is removable and can be washed which is good for spit up and drool. Sun Shade Mountain adventures will be much more pleasant with the Kid Comfort Pro's Aircomfort Sensic Vario mesh backsystem! The bonus detachable daypack allows for extra storage space. Waist-Belt Hiking, City Exploring I have 6 kids and have owned several different baby carriers, but none as great as this. Deuter created the first nylon backpack in 1968 and in 1970, Germany recognized them as the leader in backpacks. It is also not as comfortable for parents as some of the competition. Deuter engages mountain guides and bikers to help create products, and in the 1990s they created a backpack for biking. Both hands are required to change the torso length on the Pro and it can be difficult to get two hands behind the mesh to make adjustments. We never did enough “off the beaten path” trekking to invest in a heavy duty kid carrier but this certainly looks pretty functional – sad day when you need to retire your favourite equipment but hopefully it will be as much fun seeing the kids starting to trek independently – although at a very slow pace to begin! The padded shoulder straps and waistbelt are nicely structured and offer additional support for overall comfort. Deuter has been shaping the global alpine sports market for over 120 years. Children can just grab the straw and start filling up that diaper! Deuter Kid Comfort Active SL - Women's Fit Child Carrier Backpack, Denim 4.4 out of 5 stars 30 $240.00 $ 240 . Wow! Features the Aircomfort mesh back system, offering maximum ventilation for hiking in warmer weather.

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