The time she spent with Aithusa made her more vulnerable and at times she shows her softer side to the young creature. 8. Despite being motivated by her disagreement with Uther's tyrannical regime, Morgana herself lapses into a reign of cruelty during the times she rules Camelot to gain the allegiance of the people, such as executing innocent people in her first reign, and threatening to burn peasants' crops in her second reign. Create New Account. Though she maintains the pretence of dutiful love for the King when they are reunited, it is a ploy to collect his tears, which Morgause then mixes with the black blood of a mandrake root, creating a spell to drive the king insane. They had a son, Sir Ewain, but she actually kept several lovers behind her husband’s back. Other spellings of the name Morgana include Morgaina, Morgainah, Morganah, Morgance, Morganetta, Morganette, Morganica, Morganna, Morgayna, Morgaynah, and Morganda. Morgause had such influence over Morgana that when it was revealed that Morgana's father was in fact Uther Pendragon, she managed to convince Morgana to work towards killing Arthur, despite their long history and former deep relationship. Her bitterness over her father's death and Uther's pivotal role in it causes her great turmoil and ambivalence towards her guardian. This emotionally confounds her, which gives Mordred a chance to knock her out using magic, before he then goes on to help Merlin and Arthur save Gwen (With All My Heart). Her love for that creature made her suffer more than she ever thought possible. Create New Account. Her efforts to discover who and where Emrys became successful when Mordred betrayed Camelot due to the fact his love was hanged (The Drawing of the Dark). Morgana goes to a merchant and asks for a poison that will kill slowly and painfully. Even at her enemies, she shows acts of kindness, as shown when she ordered her men to burn Finna's corpse after her suicide. The two were not reunited until Mordred came into the care of the sorcerer Alvarr, who found him after the Druid massacre, and Alvarr used his close relationship with Morgana to convince her to steal the Crystal of Neahtid from the vaults of Camelot. When Merlin discovered that Morgana was the vessel for the sleeping plague and poisoned her to stop it, Morgause abandoned her attempt to conquer Camelot in order to find out the type of poison to save her sister, evidently grieved as she held Morgana's unconscious body in her arms. The full extent of Morgana's powers was displayed after she learnt about Emrys' true identity. However, Arthur's sudden interest in Guinevere caused his relationship with Morgana to suffer. When Morgana learns that her plans failed, she is enraged and tells Agravaine about Emrys and her belief that he thwarted them. This greatly distresses Morgana, and Mordred finds the chance to knock her out with a spell, leaving her to die (With All My Heart). However, Morgana quickly senses him following her and catches him, after which Morgause binds him in chains and leaves him to be killed by Serkets. Morgana and the revived as a shade Lancelot. As the King's ward, Morgana's birthday celebration is a lavish event, attended by many noble families of Camelot. During the battle of Camlann, Morgana hysterically screams at Merlin when he returns to the battlefield, and he wastes no time in attacking her with a lightning spell. Alvarr approached Morgana to enlist her help in stealing the Crystal of Neahtid, using Mordred as a pawn to win her over. 04.03.2017 - Erkunde Jessi s Pinnwand „Merlin die neuen Abenteuer“ auf Pinterest. Additionally, Morgana's plan of crushing Camelot through the Dorocha is thwarted by Sir Lancelot, who sacrifices himself to heal the rift in the veil once more. She refuses any further cooperation with Morgana, commenting that she was mad with grief and allowed Morgana to manipulate her. When she returns, she is a different person; vengeful and more cruel, she returns determined to take revenge for beings like herself against Uther and the magic-hating Camelot. Merlin - Die neuen Abenteuer: Germany (2008) Merlin kalandjai: Hungary (2008) Merlinove pustolovščine: Slovenia (2008) ... Merlin, Arthur, Morgana and Gwen join forces to save Merlin's village from a ruthless group of bandits and Arthur nearly finds out that Merlin knows Magic. Also known as: Wenn es sein muss, missachtet er dafür sogar die Befehle seines Vaters. Sie ist eine wunderschöne junge Frau, die über ganz besondere Kräfte verfügt: Sie ist eine Seherin. Das bringt sie des Öfteren in Konfliktsituationen mit Gaius und Arthur. Over the next year, Uther did not recover from his breakdown over Morgana's betrayal and became greatly weakened. During the time in which Arthur is to be forced into marrying a princess, Morgana notices that he and Gwen have fallen in love (The Changeling). Morgana later begins to have dreams about Gwen becoming Queen of Camelot. When Uther fell ill and Arthur was faced with the burden of ruling, he sought comfort from Morgana, embracing her and telling her how glad he was that she was there with him. This nature has arguably not disappeared due to the melancholy she sometimes showed and she does at times reveal a vulnerable side of herself, such as her shock and hurt on hearing of Agravaine's death, her deep conflict at seeing Arthur again, her fear at being rendered powerless and her elation at being healed by Aithusa. Morgana, with full control over her powers. Merlin Turkey. When Uther's soldiers killed Gwen's father, Tom, Morgana was enraged on her behalf to the extent where she participated in a plot to kill the King, but later changed her mind. However, conflicted and weighed by her conscience, she repents of her intention at the last minute when confronted with the realisation that Uther cares for her. After the woman gains Gwaine's sympathy, she gains information about Camelot and especially Arthur and Merlin and tells everything to Morgana. Unaware that the disease is magical, Gaius is unable to help. Uther suspects nothing (The Crystal Cave). Merlin had long since given Morgana up as a lost cause, and when Morgana crowned herself Queen of Camelot, Merlin helped Arthur rally a resistance, destroying the immortal army she and Morgause raised by emptying the Cup of Life after he hurled Morgause into a stone pillar. There, she uses mandrake roots to twist Guinevere's memories and make her believe that she is her only one true ally. He, believing that he could not abandon her and understanding what she was going through, ignored the two (The Nightmare Begins). 9 3 DVDs by Ed Fraiman James Hawes | DVD. She later discovered she was the result of Uther's betrayal of Gorlois in having an affair with Vivienne, which was revealed when she overheard Uther's confession of her true parentage. In the aftermath, there is no sign of either Morgana or Morgause in the rubble, indicating that Morgana used magic to escape with Morgause (The Coming of Arthur). Uther was a curse upon this land, as is his son. Katie McGrath Additionally, as Arthur is crowned king after Uther's death, Morgana seemingly instinctively inquires about his state of mind ("How's Arthur?") Though it was done reluctantly, his choice was ultimately one that severely alienated the already conflicted Morgana, who may well have drunk the hemlock on her own to save Arthur, whom she loved deeply, had Merlin simply explained all. Though initially Morgana's powers were raw and uncontrolled, resulting in her inadvertently setting her room alight and shattering a vase, in the year spent with Morgause, Morgana's skill with magic improved greatly and she gained control over her abilities. Soon after the Battle of Camlann, and Mordred's death, Morgana was killed by her nemesis Merlin with Excalibur. One year later, Morgana's magical powers had grown under Morgause's continued tutelage, and she finally became a High Priestess of the Old Religion. Although she displayed no affection towards Agravaine, he was shown to care deeply about her, exhibiting deep concern upon finding her unconscious in the forest after her duel with Merlin (disguised as the aged sorcerer Emrys) and tending to her in her vulnerable state (The Secret Sharer). Morgana is the only main character who has never encountered, Morgana is the first and last character (on-screen) in. Morgan fell in love with the King's nephew, Giomar. She even sent the Green Knight to Camelot in order to frighten Guinevere to death. Er wird sich also in Acht nehmen müssen. In der zweiten und dritten Staffel der TV-Serie Merlin - Die neuen Abenteuer wurde Morgause von Emilia Fox gespielt. After this, Morgana began to plot against her half-sibling while he remained a doting brother, even risking his life to go back into Cenred's stronghold to rescue her, unaware that it was a trap to get him killed (The Castle of Fyrien). Through Gaius, Merlin gives up the location of the camp and Uther sends Arthur and his men to retrieve the crystal and kill Alvarr's men, forcing Morgana to ride to the camp ahead of them and give Alvarr warning. At Morgause's request, Morgana sacrifices her sister on the Isle of the Blessed at midnight during Samhain, with Morgause wanting her inevitable death to at least be used for Morgana's benefit. Gwen flees, but alerts Helios and Morgana to her presence in doing so. List of Appearances: A deeply distraught Uther points out that innocent people are suffering, but Morgana angrily retaliates by saying she is merely mirroring the extreme persecution that dominated his reign. Media/News Company. Dieser Pinnwand folgen 1426 Nutzer auf Pinterest. 17.04.2019 - Erkunde the girl behind the curtains Pinnwand „angel coulby“ auf Pinterest. Morgan’s nephew, Mordred, began working with her for the first time in sharing their treachery against King Arthur. Gwen is sentenced to death and, seeing Morgana's cold smile on hearing her sentence, finally realises that she is behind it all. TV Show. Gaius seemed very fond of Morgana, often calling her "my child" in a grandfatherly tone, but Gaius firmly maintained that Morgana was better off ignorant about her powers, often lying to her about the importance of her dreams and powers in hopes of protecting her from Uther's hatred of magic. She remained with her family until she was about ten years old, at which point Gorlois was killed by enemies of Camelot because Uther failed to send his best friend the promised reinforcements. Therefore, when Tauren attacked, she warned Uther and then ended up killing Tauren herself to save the King. Merlin later discovers that Morgause made Morgana the vessel for the sleeping plague, unbeknownst to Morgana herself. Morgana eventually agrees and steals the crystal, delivering it to Alvarr's camp. Morgan became queen by marrying King Uriens of Gorre, a section of Ancient Britain following the departure of the Romans. In a deleted scene Agravaine mentioned that he had professed his love to Morgana, to which she seemed disgusted by. Merlin tells her she fails to understand loyalty, a claim which she quickly refutes, claiming she merely has none left to be loyal to. There it is, finally! She with a group of many men, including Beroun captured Alator of the Catha, who had betrayed her last time to demand to know where and who Emrys is. Current slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES}- Top picked items. This, as well as Morgana's claim of hating him beyond his understanding, compounds Uther's psychological destruction. When Mordred dies in battle, Morgana is completely engulfed in hatred. When Agravaine, who has taken charge of the kingdom in Arthur's absence, tells Morgana about Gwen speaking out against him, Morgana tells him of the dream she had of Gwen becoming queen and plans to kill her to prevent the vision from coming true. Eine Flucht scheint aussichtslos. Although Arthur undoubtedly loved and cared for Morgana, she recognised that his position would be one of severe conflict due to his inherited suspicion of magic and therefore could not seek his help. Morgana remained ignorant to the fact that she owed her life to Merlin when he cured her fatal head injury, although he acted largely to alleviate his own guilt from having caused her accident in the first place, and also to save Arthur and Uther from their overwhelming grief (The Crystal Cave). They prepare to attack Camelot together on the condition that Morgana brings plans of the siege tunnels from the castle vaults, a task which she assigns Agravaine. After her betrayal was exposed, a year later, Morgana, who was determined to prevent her vision of Gwen becoming Queen from coming true, attempted to kill Gwen by knocking her unconscious out in the open so the Dorocha would finish her off come nightfall. Canon Pairings. Unbeknownst to anyone in the room, Arthur and Merlin are also present, witnessing the event through a grate in the wall. Over a year after he learned of her treachery, Morgana was now fully estranged from Arthur, plotting against him and bringing about Uther's death from afar which resulted in Arthur being crowned King of Camelot. Morgana uses an Ageing spell and visits Camelot as Hilda, Mithian's maid. There's a bond between us. Patience and I are old friends. When Morgana learnt that Uther was mortally wounded, she expressed cold pleasure and claimed she hoped her face would haunt him in his final moments. He sends Morgana a crow to inform her that Arthur is coming to her, but she should not worry. Although in pain, Morgana laughs at his attempts to thwart her plans and bids him farewell, as she uses strong magic to trap Merlin in the Crystal Cave once and for all. RETURNING TO STORY AFTER 2 YEARS. When she regains consciousness, she finds out that Mordred has been killed. Having caught up with her, two openly confronted each other and Morgana demonstrated her lack of feeling towards her former maid, cruelly taunting her before knocking her unconscious. Morgana's relationship with Merlin began well since Morgana appeared to trust him from early on, going straight to him when Gwen faced execution (The Mark of Nimueh). Morgana believes that Arthur is the only obstacle standing in the way of the Old Religion being respected once more. She reminds him of how Arthur would react if he knew, but believing in Arthur, Mordred replies that one day Arthur will change his mind about magic and refuses to tell her where Emrys is. Alator successfully learns from him that Emrys is actually Merlin, but instead of informing Morgana immediately, he betrays her, having discovered from Gaius that Merlin is the one destined to bring a glorious new age to the kingdom. Artist ∞ Merlin ∞ Public Figure. Arthur will replace him. Her first confrontation with Arthur since leaving came when he stormed the castle to take back the kingdom. As confirmed by Balinor, creatures born with magic, like Morgana and Merlin, never die, unless they are stabbed through the heart by a sword forged in a dragon's breath. However, the feelings are not mutual, as Mordred has grown cold towards Morgana, in comparison to his former bond with her. During the battle she angrily demands to know who Emrys really is and why as a fellow magic user he would defend Arthur, who despises their kind. She tells him that Uther had to be stopped for the sake of herself and other magical beings, but Merlin tells her that they can find another way, to which she replies that there is no other way. Morgana once used telekinesis to cause her dagger to follow Merlin wherever he moved, which would have been certain death for him had Alator not intervened and, catching her by surprise, knocked Morgana out with a stunning spell (The Secret Sharer). When Morgana awakes in Camelot, she thinks the meeting with Morgause was only a dream, but as the day progresses and everyone around her begins to fall asleep, she hides in her chambers until Arthur and Merlin return. Follow! Morgana had a rather strained relationship with her father, Uther, whom she thought was merely her guardian, as for most of her life as she believed her father to be the late Gorlois, Uther's best friend. Then, that night, she has a dream in which she is surrounded by dead soldiers and is begging Emrys to help her. Jest Cudnie. Morgana becomes concerned when she dreams that Arthur is murdered by a young girl. Morgana was Morgause's younger half-sister, though for many years she had no idea of her existence since Morgause was smuggled away as a baby and given to the Priestesses of the Old Religion. Gwen realises Merlin is aware of her deceptions. As she was born in the house of Gorlois, no one doubted her parentage. She is first properly introduced to Merlin when Gwen is wrongly accused of witchcraft after witnessing his apparent attempt to sacrifice his life for Gwen's (though he was actually the one responsible for the enchantment of which she had been accused). Originally a kind-hearted individual, Morgana became evil after being corrupted by Morgause and being betrayed by her former-friend Merlin. Then, for reasons unknown, Aithusa the white dragon appears and heals the injured Morgana, thus reviving her. Morgana showed deep reluctance and sorrow when Morgause insisted she use her as a blood sacrifice to tear the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead. As your father did in his time. See more of Merlin - Die neuen Abenteuer on Facebook. She uses Aithusa's breath to forge a sword for her proudest warrior, Mordred, so he can kill Arthur with it. Morgana seems hopeful that Guinevere will remain loyal to her, and indeed Gwen replies that she has always been so, but Gwen then frees Sir Leon from the dungeons and Morgana's men follow them to Arthur. Morgana then smiles and leaves the king. Oft gelingt es ihr auch, Arthur auf ihre Seite zu ziehen, wenn dieser mal wieder stur den Worten seines Vaters gehorcht. She then enacted a sadistic plan to have Gwen killed not by herself, but by her lover, Arthur, enchanting her to take the shape of a deer so she would be shot and killed by Arthur's hunting party (The Hunter's Heart). Three years later, after her imprisonment, Morgana's resentment for Guinevere stealing her throne grows even more. Morgana uses the Rowan Staff to bring the skeletons to life. Jetzt Episode 10 Staffel 3 von Merlin - Die neuen Abenteuer & weitere Folgen komplett in bester HD Qualität online als Stream. Accolon fought the knight the next day, unaware his armoured opponent was really King Arthur himself. Nonetheless, Arthur and Morgana can not reconcile and Morgana accuses Arthur of being too much like his father in his hatred of magic, while Arthur retorts that she too resembles Uther in her cruelty. Don't think I don't understand loyalty just because I've got no one left to be loyal to. However, she admitted that her magic was still considerably weaker than Morgause's (The Tears of Uther Pendragon), many of her spells relying on her using an object of some sort – such as when she tried to kill Arthur by using a phoenix eye - as the central focus for the spell rather than simply conjuring something on her own. Merlin Die neuen Abenteuer ist eine britische Fernsehserie über den gleichnamigen Zauberer und seine Beziehung zu Prinz Arthur. The tryst might have been to tarnish his sterling image, turn him against Arthur or just because he loved Genevieve. She is able to gain the acceptance by claiming that she wishes to avenge the death of Gorlois (a good friend of Annis) whom she views as her true father. After some years without keeping contact with King Arthur, Morgan was believed by Arthur to be deceased, but she had actually retired in secret to her castle near Tauroc, Wales after her ordeal with Chthon. Merlin tells her grimly that it is over, to which she furiously retorts that it has just begun. After this, Arthur admits that he hates her, however, it is unclear if he only said this to gain Sarrum's trust or if he has actually given up on his sister (The Hollow Queen). By morning he has begun to lose his sanity, hallucinating spectres of the innocents he has executed over the years, including boys he has drowned in a well and Igraine, whose death was ultimately a result of his own folly meddling with the forces of life and death. Gryff!Morgana. With Arthur dead, Morgana will be able to ascend to the throne of Camelot. Morgause then casts a spell, causing Morgana to fall asleep. I just want to be myself. Merlin - Die Neuen Abenteuer Vol. Morgana later demonstrated her trust in Merlin by confessing her suspicions of her magic, leading Merlin to eventually advise her to seek the Druids' help despite Gaius and the Great Dragon's warning him not to get involved. And then, my Lady Morgana, you must play your part well.". Alvarr did fight but was captured and brought back to Camelot where Uther ordered him to be executed at dawn. When Agravaine learns of this, he informs Morgana, who enchants a necklace to reverse any healing spell used on its wearer and then magnify it tenfold. When Mordred's love interest, Kara, is sentenced to death for plotting against Camelot, Mordred is brought. Truth is, it doesn't matter which way you go. She has a wide variety of different dresses throughout the series, all of which reflect her personality. Morgana was a seer and thus was able to see visions of the future in her dreams. Morgana blamed Uther for his death, believing that if he had sent the promised reinforcements, he may have survived. However, Morgause seemed to ostensibly treat Morgana as an equal and did genuinely care for her as she chose to save her life over destroying Camelot. When the crystal is discovered to be missing, Merlin suspects Morgana, having caught her in Arthur's chambers when she was stealing the key to the vault, and follows her to the camp, witnessing her reunion with Mordred. It is unknown what happens to Aithusa after Merlin runs Morgana through with Excalibur. Gorlois was probably the person that Morgana felt closest to during her early childhood. 08.03.2019 - Entdecke die Pinnwand „Merlin morgana“ von Maik. Uther is fatally stabbed, and in the ensuing days, a desperate Arthur even resorts to seeking magical intervention to heal his father. Agravaine later informs Morgana that the people of Camelot will swear allegiance to none but Arthur, so she orders their crops to be burnt to force their loyalty, by which even Agravaine seems perturbed. Forgot account? Gwen does so with the willing participation of Arthur and Merlin. After Merlin attempts to destroy the staff, Morgana draws her sword against him. Creating a grave for him, she buries him and swears to him that Arthur will meet his doom. Finding her stumbling through the forest on one such patrol, with great relief Arthur brought her back to Camelot where he tenderly listened to her recount her escape and promised her that she was safe now. Merlin? After the death of Sir Hemison, she kept Lancelot imprisoned in her castle and tried to get him to share a bed with her. Log In. Dort dringen sie in Morganas Burg ein und es gelingt ihnen, die in dem unterirdischen Steinbruch eingesperrten Ritter zu befreien. Fan Page. These are the brand new adventures of Merlin, the legendary sorcerer as a young man, when he was just a servant to young Prince Arthur on the royal court of Camelot, who has soon become his best friend, and turned Arthur into a great king and a legend. He knows everything. Weitere Ideen zu Katie mcgrath, Schöne hintern, Merlin. Arthur and Morgana, in one of Camelot's feasts for Arthur's victory. Igraine also bore King Uther Pendragon a son who became the legendary King of Camelot. Merlin, though disadvantaged by his frail and aged physical form, manages to secure the Fomorroh having defeated and seriously wounded Morgana. All our secrets. Noté /5 : Achetez Merlin (Vol.6)-die Neuen Abenteuer [Import anglais] au meilleur prix : Séries TV Livraison gratuite dès 25€ When Uther comes to her bedside, Morgana is deeply conflicted and subtly offers him the chance to tell her the truth about her paternity. Morgana is one or two years younger than Arthur, as Uther says that she wasn't there 20 years ago, referring to the death of his wife Ygraine after Arthur's birth. Her grief for Morgause augmented her powers to an extremely high degree, although it is unknown to what extent she was actually in control of the magic (The Coming of Arthur: Part Two). Minecraft Java Edition 1.15.1. Sir Bediverewas a Knight of the Round Table. Once the Cailleach delivered her cryptic warning about the sorcerer Emrys being her doom, Morgana began to live in great fear of him, particularly after having a vision of herself pleading for Emrys' help in a battlefield. The High Priestess could create a small meteor, casting the spell along with Mordred, and use powerful magic to trap Merlin inside the Crystal Cave (The Diamond of the Day). Morgana, however, has one sole aim: to capture Arthur. They shared a number of tender moments where it was clear that the love they had for each other went much deeper than attraction, and the prophetic dreams that terrified Morgana most were ones of Arthur's death (The Gates of Avalon, Le Morte d'Arthur).

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